By combining expertise from different fields, we’ve created a multi-disciplinary approach that empowers us to deliver next-generation talent assessment. The core of what we do is built on established business psychology best practice.

We understand that ‘one size fits all’ or ‘off-the-shelf’ assessments may struggle to identify talent. For this reason, our core products deliver tailor-made assessment. We measure what matters to you, reflecting your culture and brand – at the individual, job role, and organisational level.



What leads to high performance in a specific role can vary widely. Our made-to-measure online assessments reveal the individual traits, preferences, and abilities that are most likely to drive success in the specific roles you’re hiring for, or promoting into.



How we attain success early in our career can be very different to how we sustain it in more senior roles. Our tailor-made assessments can identify these specific differences in your applicants or internal talent pool, helping you make the right hiring or development decisions.



A successful way of operating in one organisation may not work in another – it depends on the culture and values that enable success. Our products empower you to accurately measure this essential values-based alignment.


In addition to core business psychology best practice, we invest in world-class research in the field of real-time neuroscience. In his lab Dr Craig Chapman, our Chief Scientific Officer, has led detailed analysis that integrates eye-tracking, EEG, and motion-tracking to better understand how and why we make decisions.

Building on more than a decade of progress, Dr Chapman supervises our approach to proprietary research, and applying those research findings to the behavioural and cognitive assessment domain. This investment in science and research empowers us to deliver next-generation talent assessment.


We’re proud to introduce real-time AI to online talent assessment. We deploy real-time machine learning that seamlessly monitors an individual, and then adjusts the insight algorithms that deliver talent assessment.

Every participant benefits from these individually tailored algorithms – aligned to ensure accuracy and fairness. This is a world away from traditional online assessment, that uses pre-defined scoring algorithms, and offers a significant leap forward in delivering genuine talent insight and eliminating bias.