There is an approaching technological wave that will impact many aspects of our lives, based on advances in neuroscience and biosensor technology. At Neurosight, we’re proud to say that we’ve built the first talent assessment products that ride this approaching wave.

Real-time neuroscience and biosensor data is more accessible than ever before. Data that can reveal more about who we are than traditional approaches to assessment ever could. Until recently, it was only possible to collect and analyse this data in specialist laboratories with expensive equipment.


Over the last decade, neuroscientists have made real progress in understanding how and why we make decisions, based on analysis of electrical activity in the brain, eye-tracking, and other sensory measures.

By combining traditional business psychology with proprietary research in the field of experimental neuroscience, our mission is to change what is possible in talent assessment. We believe that this multi-disciplinary approach can lead to a paradigm shift in behavioural and cognitive assessment, delivering unmatched talent insight.


By bringing together experts in behavioural and cognitive assessment, neuroscience, data science, and software engineering, our founding team is empowered to build next-generation talent assessment products and solutions.

Jamie Betts
Chief Innovation & Product Officer

Recognised as a leading innovator in the field of assessment, Jamie is the recipient of numerous industry awards. At Neurosight, Jamie leads the design and development of the Neurosight product range, including our flagship talent assessment platform – Horizon.

Dr Craig Chapman
Chief Scientific Officer

As a leading experimental neuroscientist and CIFAR Global Scholar in Brain, Mind and Consciousness, Dr Chapman has led truly ground-breaking neuroscience research. At Neurosight, Dr Chapman directly supervises our approach to proprietary research, and how we apply those research findings to the assessment domain.

Lisa Dodd
Behavioural Assessment Lead

Lisa has led the design of assessment solutions across a broad array of FTSE 100 and non-profit and public sector organisations. Leveraging her expertise, Lisa acts as the assessment design lead at Neurosight, ensuring the application of best practice and rigour in our assessment design.

Muharem Vunic
Software Engineering Lead

Leveraging two computer science degrees, and experience in agile software development, Muharem acts as the Software Engineering Lead at Neurosight. Utilising a range of programming languages, Muharem leads on the development of our core products, including the flagship Horizon platform.

Alexandra Ouellette Zuk
Neuroscience Research Associate

Following graduation with her Neuroscience bachelors, Alex now focuses on her role in Dr Chapman’s lab as a Neuroscience MSc student, sponsored by Neurosight. As part of this sponsorship, Alex assumes responsibility for experiment administration and data science aligned to our research activities.


Our ethics are more than a few warm words – we really do live by them. We believe it’s possible to be both a successful company, and a good corporate citizen. Our three core values permeate all that we do.



Our assessment products and solutions help eliminate bias, and we are proud to champion and enable diversity. We also believe that fairness begins at home, so all our employees own an equity stake in the company, and we encourage trade union membership.



Shareholder value isn’t worth attaining if we destroy our planet in the process. Climate breakdown is an existential threat. We all have a role to play in avoiding catastrophe. We’ll decline to do business with the worst polluting companies, and we minimise then offset our carbon footprint.



We appreciate that all businesses benefit from educated and healthy employees, infrastructure, and a safe environment to conduct business. Those societal benefits are funded by taxation. For that reason, we will never indulge in tax evasion or make use of tax havens.